• System Scaleable To Any Flow
  • Conforms To Ansi N13.1 1999
  • Portable Cart
  • 500-2000 Cfm Range
  • Sample Pump With Totalizer
  • Sample Range 20-100 Lpm
  • Portable ANSI N13.1 1999 Air Sampling for Release Monitoring

A portable air sampling system that conforms to ANSI N13.1 (1999) and 40 CFR 61.93 requirements for representative sampling of discharges. Intended to operate with portable ventilation units in the range of 500 to 2000 CFM with 8” flex hose connection.

May be scaled up to sample discharge flow rates as high as 72,000 CFM
Self contained package contains compact air mixer, discharge duct, exhaust flow meter, shrouded air particulate sampling probe, sample line, filter holder, 20-100 lpm sample pump, and sample volume totalizer.

Optional features include weather housing, inlet/outlet size adapters, discharge elbow, and automatic sample flow rate management.

Documented quality control verification, certificate of conformance, and velocity profile tests on each unit.

Less than 1 psig (0.14 psig) pressure drop at 2000 CFM with a 10” diameter duct