Welcome to RADēCO!

RADēCO is a manufacturer and distributor in the energy and defense industries. We have a diverse product offering that includes, robotics, air samplers, environmental monitoring, ventilation systems, drones, training and consumable sample media.

The RADēCO brand is now sixty years old and has been privately owned since February of 2000. Our Headquarters is located in Plainfield Connecticut. Our drone and robotics division is located outside Charlotte in Monroe North Carolina.


RADēCO is a supplier to all branches of the U.S. Military, NATO, Israeli Defense Forces, Spanish Army, Italian Army, German Navy, and more. These systems include robots, drones, air samplers, training, and other CBRN products.


RADēCO has a broad UAS offering from smaller collision tolerant drones, large VTOLs, Zero Turns, and the SPOT QUGV from Boston Dynamics. RADeCO supplied systems to power utilities, Department of Energy, Homeland Security, militaries, and decommissioning sites. We specialize in developing custom UAS solutions to adapt to our clients' specific needs.


RADēCO is supplier to the nuclear power generation industry and supports all phases from initial site assessment through operation and supporting decommissioning. These products and services include iodine sample media, Emergency Planning equipment, environmental monitoring instrumentation, ventilation, personal air samplers, drones, and robotics.


RADēCO has supplied and supported all significant Decommissioning and Deconstruction efforts in the DOE and US Nuclear power industry. This includes ventilation, air sampling, filter media, drones, robotics, and software. We offer products as well as services for D&D work.


With the addition of RADēCO Studios, we have a dedicated film production space for media content, simulations, and training products. When not filming, the Plainfield Studio is used for training agencies and commercial customers on the on the operation of the SPOT Robot from Boston Dynamics. RADēCO is a certified training contractor for Boston Dynamics. Drone & UAS Pilot training is performed in our Monroe NC location, "The Cabbage Patch".


RADēCO is now offering our own line of software products. This includes our Blackstone CBRN software, UAS and robot detector integration, CBRN interface, mapping, lidar, and Mixed Augmented Reality.