1. General Details


    • Extremely Rugged
    • Operates In Extreme Environments
    • Altitude Corections
    • Lcd Displays
      • Elapsed Sample Time
      • Flow Rate
      • Total Volume
    • Microprocessor Based
    • Aluminum “Tough Screen” Keypad

    The RADēCO ™ Model H-810DM (Defense Model) is a ruggedized version of the popular H-810AC. The H-810DM is designed to meet a variety of military standards and for use in extreme environments. This microprocessor based unit has our unique aluminum Tough Screen. The Tough Screen has no moving parts or buttons and operates like a touch screen phone only made of 1/4 inch thick aluminum with a polycarbonate display window.

    External upgrades to the unit include the upgraded keypad, power cord clamp, mil-spec paint, and the case has an internal support structure to prevent denting if dropped. The display and microprocessor have been upgraded to operate in extreme sub zero temperatures.

    Like it’s predecessor, the H-810DM displays current flow rate, sample time and total volume. The unit can be programmed to take samples based on the user’s established procedures. The functions/parameters established during calibration may be locked in using the keypad security. When the keypad security is on, all keys on the keypad are disabled with the exception of the START/STOP and UNITS keys. The UNITS key will toggle the LCD display from CFM to LPM.

    The operation of the Model H-810 is a very simple, four-step procedure, and the training required by the user is relatively short. Its operational procedure is:

    1. Connect to a power source.
    2. Install the sample holder with filter media.
    3. Turn power switch on and Press the start key.
  2. Specifications

    The H-810DM is not solely designed for military use. It is also ideal for shipyards, EPLAN, first responders or workers that are hard on their equipment.

    RADēCO stands by our rugged claim and includes a two year warranty for the H-810DM. Like the H-809V series air sampler, the H-810DM will provide users with a long pain free service life.

    A 2” wide, 6’ belt for carrying purposes or for hanging the instrument during sampling is provided.

    A tripod is available as well as different style flow barrels for varying flow rates.

    • 120/220VAC/60Hz; 220/50hz available.
    • Drop from carrying or breathing sampling height is not an issue
    • Weight : 14 lbs.
    • Dimensions: 8” x 8” x 8”