The RADēCO™ Model H-810DC is a dependable, lightweight high volume air sampler which incorporates the reliability of the Model H-809V with an Air Volume Totalizer. This microprocessor based unit is designed to eliminate the use of rotometers and mechanical time meters, simplifying air sampling procedures, while adding significantly higher accuracy to air sampling data.

The Air Volume Totalizer portion of the sampler is composed of an enclosed air-turbine which rotates at speeds proportional to the air velocity of the sampled air. The turbine’s rotation is sensed by a reflective sensor/breaker disk. The microprocessor converts the signal to volume and displays the flow rate, total volume, and elapsed time on the LCD readout.

The Model H-810DC may be operated in the TOTAL VOLUME mode or the TOTAL ELAPSED TIME mode with the mode of operation determined by the user’s established procedures. All functions are entered during the calibration mode. The functions/parameters established during calibration may be locked in using the keypad security. When the keypad security is on, all keys on the keypad are disabled, with the exception of the START/STOP and UNITS keys. The UNITS key will toggle the LCD display from CFM to LPM.

The operation of the Model H-810DC is a very simple four-step procedure, and the training required by the user is relatively short.

Its operational procedure is:

1. Connect to a DC power source.
2. Install the sample holder with filter media.
3. Turn power switch on.
4. Press the start key.

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