Baron Hexacopter

The Baron Hexacopter is a unique light lift UAV that may utilize various radiation detection payloads.



  • Integrated Carbon Frame Constructed to Be Both Light and Stiff for Maximum Performance
  • Q Ground Control Software – Way Point Navigation,
  • Wide Range of Payload Choices – Spir Explorer, RDS-31, RadEye, RadPro 10
  • Approximately 25 min Flight Time
  • Umbrella Fold Design for Quick Deployment and Ease of Storage
  • Live Video Downlink
  • Installed Thermal Flight Camera


System Power (Standard Configuration):

  • 1 Battery
  • 30,000 mAh
  • Lithium Polymer Battery


Integrated Payloads

  • Spir-Explorer (Dose Rates – 0.1 mR/hr – 1000 R/hr) (NaI – live time gamma spectroscopy)
  • RDS-31 (Dose Rates – 0.01 mR/hr – 10 R/hr) WRM2, Unique Histogram Features
  • Thermo RadEye with Blackstone-CBRN software



The Baron Hexacopter is a unique light lift UAV that may utilize various radiation detection payloads. This custom vehicle features reliability and endurance all in a small user-friendly package. The hexacopter configuration provides plenty of lift for light to medium loads along with great performance in wind. This proven design adds a layer of redundancy and safety. The vehicle is fast and highly maneuverable. The Baron Hexacopter system is designed to enter areas where Risk to personnel exist to provide live time radiological data thru the Q Ground Control and proven Spir Ident Software. The Vehicles are excellent choices for providing live time information for Emergency Preparedness Organizations to First Responders.


Flight System

  • High Powered Brushless Percussion System
  • Propellers – 6 Carbon Fiber
  • Flight Time – Up to 30 minutes (payload and options affect flight time)
  • Positioning – Dual GNSS GPS
  • Controller – 16 Channel
  • Radio Frequency – 915 MHz, 2.4 GHz, and 5.8 GHz
  • Security – WPA2 or Digital Spread
  • Weight – 26 lbs
  • Diagonal Size (Excluding Propellers) – 1.08 m
  • Stabilization – 3 Axis Gimbal for Camera
  • Motorized Retractable Landing Gear
  • Downward facing optical flow sensor for landings or fixed-point hovering



  • Standard FLIR Duo Dual-Sensor Thermal and RGB Camera


Ground Station Software

  • Fully Secure Offline Data, Locally
  • Real Time Video and UAV Telemetry
  • Status Visualization, battery life, GPS positioning, Payload Monitoring


Accessories (Optional)

  • Battery Sets
  • IR Camera
  • Rad Pro 10 PAS
  • Inspection Style Cameras (request additional information)

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