1. General Details


    • Personal Alpha/Beta Air Sampler
    • Fully Radon Compensated
    • Download Spectrum Wirelessly Via Zigbee (Up To 1 Km Away) Or Usb, 256 Channel, Up To 10 Mev
    • Selectable And Adjustable Alarming Thresholds For Dachrs, Dose And Cps
    • 30 Hour Battery Life, 2 Hour Recharge
    • 3-5 Lpm Flow Rate

    The TRU-DAC Pro Personal Alarming Alpha/Beta CAM, combines a very compact design with a high flow rate and long battery life. The unit measures long life Alpha and Beta emitting aerosols as well as Radon daughters by alpha spectroscopy and beta counting. A bright alpha numeric display and the clear keypad allow the operation even under harsh conditions. The integrated powerful charger recharges the unit within two hours. The aerosols will be accumulated on the surface of a membrane filter by an internal pump. The collected activity is analyzed by a semiconductor detector with subsequent Alpha spectroscopy and Beta gross counting. For first responders, an optional wireless interface (Net Monitors by ZigBee) allows the officer-in-charge to receive the data online from the action forces. The instrument can be ordered also with a GPS receiver.

  2. Options
    • PAPR Model, Inlet and Detector on 28 inch hose and cable. To be worn like a conventional lapel
    • ZIGBEE Wireless transmitter and base station.
    • Integrated gamma detector to compensate for gamma interference.
    • Includes DVision data reading software, and DConfig Instrument Configuration Software