Remote Environmental Monitoring System

  1. General Details

    No more missed environmental air samples!

    Less line items on your annual ODCM reporting to the NRC!

    Higher public confidence in your environmental monitoring program!

    Sounds to good to be true but it’s not. Using RADeCO’s Remote Environmental Monitoring System you will be informed by email or pager notification when an air sampler goes off line. This system monitors your air sampler and will notify you when error condition is reached.

    The Radio Telemetry Unit (RTU) uses an integrated two-way radio that communicates over the control channel of the cellular data network. This network provides coverage for 98% of North American. No license or local cellular account is necessary.


    • Monitors the status of a RADeCO Air Sampler, with additional capability available
    • Monitors AC Line Voltage for under and over voltages
    • Battery backed
    • Complete integration kits available for existing systems
    • Monitoring, control and remote configuration options are accessible from the intelligent Web Server


    • Automatic Report upon status change
    • Time-scheduled reports (hourly, daily, weekly, etc.)
    • User requested report

    Remote Control and User Notification:

    • The intelligent web server displays RTU data, performs control operations and configures rule based actions
    • Notify a designated person of a reported event by email, pager, cellular text messaging or wireless PDA
  2. Specifications

    Operating Power

    • 100-135 VAC, 60hz
    • 4.5 A-Hr battery backup included for outage reporting—24 hr run-time

    Environmental Data

    • Operating Temperate –40º to +70ºC
    • NEMA 4 Enclosure with padlocking hasp


    • Air Sampler, RTU and Vacuum Totalizer
    • The Vacuum totalizer reads the air sampler and provides a sig nal to the RTU. This signal is monitored and reported as condi tions warrant or when requested for the operator. All of this can be done from the comfort of the operators desk using the intelli gent web server.
    • The vacuum totalizer records the total air sampled locally and can provide that information when the sample media is changed.