GY-130 Radioiodine Sampler

  1. General Details


    • 2.27” Diameter X 1.04” Thick
    • Silver Loaded Zeolite
    • Metal or Plastic case*
    • Uniform density packed
    • Certified for Performance
      • Percent Retention versus Air Flow Rate and Noble Gas Retention

    The RADēCO™ Model GY-130 Radioiodine Sampler is a special cartridge specifically designed for the sampling of airborne concentrations of radioiodine and other gaseous iodine compounds in the presence of radioactive noble gases. Testing indicates that a minimum of radioactive Xenon, Krypton, and other noble gases are retained by the Silver Zeolite thereby minimizing their interference with the radioiodine measurement.

    Each batch of Silver Zeolite is thoroughly tested prior to cartridge manufacture assuring a high percentage of radioiodine capture. A certificate is supplied with each order of cartridges certifying the percent retention of radioiodines versus air flow rate through the cartridge.

    Routinely, these cartridges are used in-line and downstream of a high efficiency filter which will remove radioactive particulates which can interfere with the radioiodine measurement. Filter papers and combination pre-filter and cartridge sample holders are available as RADēCO accessories.

    CAUTION: The Model GY-130 Radioiodine Sampler must not be used in personal respirators for breathing protection.

  2. Specifications
    Flow Rate CFM (LPM)
    Retention 18 hr Purge (%)
    Retention 168 hr Purge (%)
    ΔP Across Cartridge Inches**

    1 (28)




    2 (57)




    3 (85)




    4 (113)





    RADēCO™ cartridges are tested by an outside independent laboratory. Over twenty (20) separate test measurements are utilized to produce our Certificate of Performance. These tests certify the retention efficiencies of methyl iodide at 30 C and 95% RH in accordance with ASTM D-3803-89, Sect 12.

    Calibration Method

    Methyl Iodide—this is the most difficult of the organic iodides to collect for analysis. The collection efficiency for other radioiodides will be higher.

    Purge Definition

    18 hour purge—After the methyl iodide is collected by the cartridge, air (at the sampling rate) is drawn through the cartridge to strip out the loosely held material.

    Storage Life

    The GY-130 cartridges are packed in sleeves of 20 cartridges each. Each sleeve is of 10 mil plastic with the ends heat-sealed. The shelf life is ten years from date of manufacturing. Special individual cartridge packaging is available.

    *These collection efficiencies may vary slightly from batch to batch.
    ** Average ΔP