CYCLAIR ® 90X, 180X

The CYCLAIR® series 90X and 180X is a mobile differential pressure device used for static/dynamic and direct and indirect containment. 

  1. General Details

    CYCLAIR ® 90X, 180X 


    For protecting people and their natural environment from the spreading of radioactive particles. For processing alpha and beta radiation particles. 

    + The CYCLAIR® series 90X and 180X is a mobile differential pressure device used for static/dynamic and direct and indirect containment. 

    + It has a robust, airtight, one-piece design and is made in France by qualified welders 

    + Its optimized centre of gravity prevents it from tipping over 

    + Each series is available with a choice of 3 different electric control cabinets (low, medium, HMI) 

  2. Operation


    + Negative pressure is applied to the work area to prevent contaminants from spreading to uncontaminated areas 

    + The efficiency of the system depends directly on the position of the sensor in relation to the source of pollution (non visible). 

    + Air is sucked in via flexible ducts (Ø 6,69 in or Ø 11,81 in) equipped with swivel connectors. 

    + The extracted air is discharged via the top section 

    + The air is purified by a “nuclear”-type HEPA filter. 

    + Negative pressure is applied to the whole assembly by a latest-generation fan with a variable speed controller. 

    + Filter replacement is performed in a vinyl bag to prevent the contaminants from spreading. 

  3. Specifications


    Series 901-902-903 Series 1801-1802-1803
    Nominal flow 900 cfm 1800 cfm
    Fan power 1.7 HP 1.9 kW
    Sound pressure 74.2 dB(A) 75 dB(A)
    Filtering surface 220 ft2 440 ft2
    URANINE purification coefficient  > 5,000  > 5,000 
    Overall weight 220 lbs 265 lbs
  4. Features

    As standard:

    + An interchangeable latest-generation electric control cabinet depending on series 1, 2 or 3 model below 

    + Standard speed controller + Decontaminable paint 

    + Built-in pressure switch + Non-marking castors with brakes 

    Electric control cabinet characteristics  Series 1 

    Model 901-1801 

    Series 2 

    Model 902-1802 

    Series 3 

    Model 903-1803 

    Single-phase 230 V power supply X X X
    Electromechanical assembly X X X
    Filter presence sensor X X X
    Lockable switch X X X
    Voltage presence indicator X X X
    ON indicator X X X
    Automatic restart X X X
    Speed controller X X X
    65 ft of cable X X X
    Backed-up audible alarm X X
    Battery with charger X X
    Alarm test + zero voltage illuminated push-button X X
    Built-in electronic board X
    JAEGER connector MODBUS RS 485 communication X
    JAEGER connector (radiation meter) X
    Touch screen (displays pressure loss, contactor fault, pressure loss fault, filter position fault, flow rate fault, maintenance fault, radiation meter fault, dose rate fault, battery charge fault, etc.) X

    As an option, the CYCLAIR may be fitted with:

    + Adjustable pivoting arm for models 90X 

    + Airtightness report following an uranin test 

    + Remote control console outside the reactor building. 

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