1. General Details


    • High sample flow rates at high ΔP adjustable constant flow rate control
    • Flow rate indication on rotometer, CFM or LPM
    • Rated for continuous duty
    • Minimum maintenance
    • Optional elapsed time indicator
    • Medium weight
    • All units individually calibrated and traceable to NIST

    The Model AVS-60A Portable Air Sampler is a versatile, medium weight, continuous duty, constant flow device. It can be used with filters and cartridges in the collection of airborne contaminates, or as a regulated, positive displacement vacuum supply for continuous air monitors and stack sampling systems. This unit is perfect for jobs requiring 1 to 8 CFM (25 to 225 LPM.)

    The ability of the AVS-60A to maintain a preset sample flow rate is controlled by the unique side-mounted regulator valve. The RADēCO regulator valve is not a bypass design, and therefore the exhaust contains only sampled air. The AVS-60A has the superior ability to compensate for added ΔP across sampling media.

    The sampling flow rate is read out on a side-mounted rotometer that measures the differential pressure across the in-line anodized aluminum venturi. All units are individually calibrated and traceable to NIST.

  2. Specifications

    Air Flow Rate: Adjustable from 1 to 8 CFM ( 25 to 225 LPM)

    Air flow Regulation: ± 5% of set air flow rate up to maximum capability of pump

    Dimensions/Weight: 1 5 ” Long X 14” Wide X 12.5 ” High, (3 8.1 cm X 35.6 cm X 31 . 8 cm) , 58 lbs ( 26.4 kg)

    Power Requirement/Cable: 115V, 60Hz, 12.2 Amps ; 230V, 6 0Hz, 6.1 Amps ; 115V, 50Hz, 14.0 Amps; 220V, 50Hz, 7.0 Amps. Three wire cord; (6) six feet; British and European cords available.

    Air Flow Indicator: Venturi mounted rot o meter.

    Air Mover/Motor: Self-adjusting carbon vane type. Pump is designed for continuous operation at 2 7 ” Hg vacuum. 3/ 4 horsepower; thermal overload protection.

    Input Connection: 3/8” Female Quick Disconnect

    Re-settable Elapsed Time Meter: 9999 9 hours and 59 minutes, pushbutton re-settable.

  3. Sample Holders Available

    Model No.



    2” diameter filter, open face


    47 mm diameter filter, open face


    2” diameter filter/RADēCO cartridge, open face


    47 mm diameter filter/RADēCO cartridge, open face


    2” diameter filter/RADēCO cartridge , in-line


    47 mm diameter filter/RADēCO cartridge, in-line