210B Weather House

  1. General Details


    • Overall Dimensions: 48” high x 24” deep x 30” wide
    • Weight: 52 pounds
    • Legs: 24” long x 1 1/2” x 1 1/2”

    The RADēCO Model 210B Weather House is a heavy duty, all aluminum weather house with features especially desirable in a weather protected air sampling station.

    The Model 210B not only has two sets of louvers on each of four sides so that air may enter the weather house from any direction, but each set of louvers is uniquely counter-louvered to prevent rain or snow from blowing onto the instrumentation in the weather house. Each end also has upper louvers to prevent heat build-up under the roof.

    To permit ease of installation, an electrical box is firmly mounted inside on one wall in the upper part of the house. Electrical conduit from the bottom of the house to the electrical box requires only wire installation and the wiring of the box. A standard light socket is provided so that a “heat lamp” may be installed by the user for extremely cold weather usage.

    Access doors, mounted on heavy duty piano hinges, are provided on both sides for ease of instrument installation and maintenance. Each door opens 180° and has winged fasteners to secure door. The enclosure may be locked through the hasp.

  2. Specifications

    Material – House: 90 mil aluminum; finished with chromate primer and white Aero plate porcelain enamel.

    * Electrical picture shown with optional exhaust fan.

    Material – Legs: 24” Long x 1 1/2” x 1 1/2” aluminum angle legs have mounting pads making the unit easily attached to any mounting base.

    Access Openings: One on each long side—14” x 26” free space; piano hinged doors: twist locks for closure with hasp for security.

    Electrical Fitting: Four position electrical box with GFCI Receptacles ready for wiring. Standard light bulb socket for light or for heat lamp during extremely cold weather.