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July 28, 2020


Plainfield CT: If there is one thing people like to keep a safe distance from, its radiation. Now commercially available, Boston Dynamics’ Spot® robot will be available for purchase from RADēCO with a variety of radiation detection and protection capabilities.

With 60 years in business, RADēCO is one of the oldest companies in the nuclear industry. Seeing the opportunity to further improve industry operations and safety, RADēCO began to offer Unmanned Systems solutions to its clients three years ago. Now, the company is teaming with Boston Dynamics, a world leader in mobile robots, to broaden their unmanned systems offerings. With its unparalleled mobility and advanced perception, navigation, and intelligence capabilities, Boston Dynamics’ robot Spot is a uniquely capable robot that makes it ideal for removing humans from dangerous tasks.

Suitable for the commercial nuclear market, DOE and decommissioning industries, these Spot robots can enable the remote detection of all forms of ionizing radiation. RADēCO has built an entire division based on long established relationships in nuclear. Gamma, neutron, alpha and beta radiation detectors are supported with an exclusive UAS contract with Mirion Technologies. Air sampling, and robotic mechanisms for taking smears on Spot will be provided from within RADēCO’s own product line.

After seeing the technology, Rick Leasure of Entergy’s River Bend Station said, “Entergy is investing in innovative technology to save time, save radiation exposure and save money. Outfitting a robot like Spot with detectors to perform radiation protection tasks or inspection work will help us be more cost competitive on our journey to becoming a premier utility.”

“Boston Dynamics and RADēCO share the vision of removing humans from hazardous environments while reducing operations and maintenance costs for nuclear facilities,” said Michael Perry, Vice President of Business Development at Boston Dynamics. “Equipping Spot, a robot designed to automate environments that typical robots cannot access, with RADēCO’s
sensing technology provides operators with a safer, more automated and efficient monitoring and inspection solution.”