New Products


Buddy is a zero turn robot capable of performing a variety of RP and engineering tasks from a safe distance.

Buddy Mini

The Buddy Mini is a zero turn, UGV accessory for your Mirion RDS-31.

CYCLAIR ® 90X, 180X

The CYCLAIR® series 90X and 180X is a mobile differential pressure device used for static/dynamic and direct and indirect containment. 


The CYCLAIR® 180 is a portable differential pressure device used to apply negative pressure to confined and difficult-to-access areas.

Destrier -LR

The Destrier™ is a medium – sized all terrain, all-wheel drive, autonomous vehicle. The Destrier™ – LR vehicle is outfitted to carry various payloads on the main body or towed by a trailer.


The Mirion Javelin is an industrial quality Vertical takeoff and landing vehicle with an operation range of 40 miles. The system is specifically designed for Emergency Preparedness, Military and Homeland Security applications.

MIC-15 Mobile Issue Case

The Mobile Issue Case is a fully integrated storage/transport case and charging station.  The case will store and charge your RAD-Pro Series Lapel air samplers with a single cord and outlet. 

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