SC1 – Soft Case Air Sampling Kit

  1. General Details

    Designed specifically for the USAF Air Sampling Kit

    Protect your gear while improving response time

    Unlike the heavy and cumbersome Pelican Case, the SC-1 Transport Case was specifically designed for use with the USAF Air Sampling Kit. The SC-1 allows responders to store their air sampler attached to the TRP-2 Tripod, enabling responders to vastly improve their response time. There are also internal pockets for storage of the 2500-25A filter holder and 0750-49 filter paper.
  2. Specifications
    • One soft case holds one H-809VII air sampler, 1-2 filter holders and 1-2 boxes of 4” filter paper.
    • Material is made of 100% Denier Cordura™ Nylon and is unaffected by rot or mildew and is also abrasive resistant.
    • Reflective tape stripe is both day and nighttime florescent.
    • All exterior stitching is triple stitched to prevent unraveling.