RAD-Pro 5

  1. General Details


    • Up To 5 Lpm Flow Rate
    • Highest Back Pressure Capability
    • Programmable
    • Live Flow Display
    • Nimh Battery
    • En-1232 Type B Compliant

    The RADeCO RAD-Pro 5 is an industry leader in back-pressure performance, reliability and ease-of-use. This pump offers flow rates up to 5 LPM respectively. And thanks to several advanced features, this pump overcomes the main causes of sampling errors – saving you time and money. The air flow display holds calibration for 30 days, even with atmospheric changes. While RADeCO air sampling pumps are known for their strength, the back-pressure capabilities of the RAD-Pro 5 are the highest in the industry for any personal sampling pump.

    With the RAD-Pro 5 there is less risk of lost samples due to battery failure. It incorporates a nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) battery which, unlike a NiCd battery,doesn’t suffer from “memory” problems. So there’s no hidden loss of battery capacity, no shorter-than-expected run time and no need for special battery maintenance. You use our standard charger and get the same, highly predictable life, charge after charge.

    When the display indicates a “full” battery, that’s exactly what the pump delivers. Plus, the indicator more accurately displays remaining life throughout the sampling period. You get faster charging too. The NiMH battery fully charges in just five hours. And you won’t be hampered with special storage or disposal requirements, since the NiMH battery is friendly to the environment.

  2. Specifications
    Feature RAD-Pro 5
    Flow Rate, Max 5 Liters Per Minute
    Flow Rate, with Low Flow Module 20 cc/min – 800 cc/min
    Flow Rate, Standard 800 cc/min – 5000 cc/min
    Flow Compensation 1000 cc/min 70″ H20 back-pressure (17.4 kPa)
    2000 cc/min 60″ H20 back-pressure (15.0 kPa)
    3000 cc/min 50″ H20 back-pressure (12.4 kPa)
    4000 cc/min 30″ H20 back-pressure (7.5 kPa)
    5000 cc/min 20″ H20 back-pressure (5.0 kPa)
    Constant Flow Control ± 5% of set flow at 800-5000 cc/min
    Programmable Yes, four stage
    30-Day Calibration Yes
    EN 1232 Compliant Yes
    Live Flow Display Yes
    Charging Time Fully Charged in 4 Hours
    Memory-Free Battery Yes, NiMH
    Four-Button User Interface Yes, with lock-out feature
    Run Time 8 hour minimum
    Flow Fault ±5% set flow, fault icon appears; if fault exceeds 30 seconds pump shuts down. Pump will attempt restart every 3 minutes for up to 30 minutes.
    LCD Display Yes; Flow Rate, Total Sample Time, Total Volume Sampled, Charge Status , Program Settings.
    Hazardous Approval Ratings FM: Class I, Division I, Groups A, B, C & D
    Class II, Groups E, F & GClass III, T4

    CE: Ex II 1 G, Ex ia IIC T4

    Available Accessories: RADeCO DE-500 radioiodine sampling cartridge and 2500-112 and 2500-110 Filter Holders.