1. General Details


    • Light weight and compact
    • Self-cooling motor
    • Easily removable sample heads
    • Individually calibrated to customer specifications
    • Supplied with rot o meter guard
    • Unit is fused for overload protection
    • Complete operation manual
    • Calibration certified traceable to NIST Quality assured

    The Model H-809C is a lightweight GRAB sampler designed for sampling airborne particulates or combination particulates and iodines in the field using a motorized vehicle or RADēCO’s Portable 12/24VDC Power Supply. The H-809C is supplied with a battery jumper type cable with large alligator clamps for connecting directly to battery terminals. RADēCO precision machined aluminum sample holders, selected filter discs, and high quality radioiodine cartridges can be used with a RADēCO NIST traceable air flow calibrator to give the user a fully qualified air sampling system.

    The flow rate capability of the H-809C is dependent upon the pressure drop across the filter media used. Five CFM may be obtained through a 4” diameter filter, while two to three CFM is the upper limit for open face combination filter and charcoal cartridge filter media. High pressure drop filters and cartridges are not recommended for use with this unit. A number of different sample holders are available as accessories.

  2. Specifications

    SIZE: 8” High x 10” Wide x 7” Deep 20.3cm x 25.4cm x 17.8cm

    WEIGHT: 11 LBS (5Kg)

    POWER CABLE: 12V or 24VDC, 15 Amps

    AIR FLOW INDICATOR: Individually calibrated rotometer; supplied with rotometer guard.

    AIR MOVER: Two stage turbine blower with peripheral exhaust

    SAMPLING RATE: 1 to 5 CFM (30 to 140 LPM); Filter media dependent

  3. Sample Holders Available

    Model No.

    Open Face


    2” Diameter Filter


    47mm Diameter Filter


    4” Diameter Filter

    Model No.

    Open Face


    2” Diameter Filter/RADeCO Cartridge


    2” Diameter Filter/Scott Cartridge


    47mm Dia. Filter/RADeCO Cartridge


    47mm Dia. Filter/Scott Cartridge