Filter Holders

RADēCO has available the finest line of precision machined, all aluminum, hold- ers for air sampling media. There are four different types of holders: (1) Open Face Filter Holder, (2) Inline Filter Holder, (3) Open Face Combination Filter and Cartridge Holder, and (4) Inline Combination Filter and Cartridge Holder. All four types are available for the RADēCO H809, H810, HD and AVS series of air sam- plers as well as for other manufacturers models.

RADēCO pioneered the unique two O-ring method of preventing the sampling air from bypassing the cartridge in the combination holder. This method of sealing the cartridge in the lower body eliminated gasket creep and wrinkling which caused leakage past the cartridge.

All 47 mm, 2 inch and 4 inch holders are hard anodized to give the sample holders good chemical resistance to prevent oxidation and to color code the various parts. The main body of each holder is colored blue, while the filter retainer nuts and the cartridge retainers are colored gold for 47 mm, black for 2 inch, and blue for 4 inch.

Open Face Filter and Open Face Combination Holders for the HD & AVS series are supplied with a mating 3/8 inch male quick disconnect fitting which will snap directly into the inlet of the samplers. All inline type holders are furnished with a 3/8 inch male quick disconnect at both the inlet and outlet of the holder.

When ordering, please specify the type of holder desired, the diameter of the filter to be used, and in the case of a combination holder, the type of charcoal or silver zeolite cartridge (RADēCO or Scott) to be used in the holder.