1. General Details


    • Easily adapts to most positive displacement pumps
    • Rugged turbine monitors flow
    • Lcd displays:
      • elapsed sample time
      • flow rate
      • total volume
    • Battery-backed data memory
    • Microprocessor based
    • Circuit breaker
    • Ease of calibration

    The Model AVT-100 has been designed for use in continuous air sampling applications. This microprocessor based unit is a reliable alternative to the use of rotometers, venturi and mechanical time meters, simplifying air sampling procedures while adding significantly higher accuracy to air sampling data.

    The Model AVT-100 is composed of two assemblies—the display chassis assembly and the remote air turbine assembly. The two assemblies are interconnected by an 18” cable with locking connectors. The remote air turbine assembly can be attached to the exhaust of any non-lubricated positive displacement pump. The air turbine rotates at speeds proportional to the air velocity of the pump’s inlet (sampled air). The turbine’s rotation is sensed by a reflective sensor/breaker disc. The microprocessor converts the signal to volume and displays the FLOW RATE, TOTAL VOLUME, and ELAPSED TIME on the LCD readout.

    When the sampling pump is plugged into the AVT-100 , the AVT-100 will control the AC power applied to the pump, should the AC power be interrupted, the AVT-100 will store all sampling data and restart the sampler when the AC power is restored

  2. Specifications

    Operational Range: Up to 999,999 cubic feet or 999,999 cubic meters

    Accuracy of Totalizer: + 5% FS

    Timer Circuit: Microprocessor-controlled crystal oscillator

    Operational Voltage: 95 to 135V, 50 to 60 Hz, 1 Phase, or 205—240V, 50 Hz, 1 Phase

    Chassis Dimensions: 8” Long x4.75” Wide x 4” High 203mm x 121mm x 102mm

    Turbine Dimensions: 4” Long x 2” Diameter, with 18” Cable 102mm x 51mm, with 457mm Cable

    Weight: 3 Pounds (1.4 Kg)

    Turbine Inlet: 1/4” NPT (Female Thread)

    Turbine outlet: 1/8” NPT (Female Thread)

    Readout of Totalizer: LCD; Two lines 16 characters, backlit. Continuous display of cumulative volume + flowrate + elapsed time. Toggles between CFM and LPM

    Controls: ON/OFF Switch (circuit breaker) Keypad, 16 key controls function and calibration