1. General Details


    • Weighs 30% Less Than Conventional Constant Flow Air Samplers
    • High Accuracy
    • Lcd Displays
      • Elapsed Sample Time
      • Flow Rate
      • Total Volume
    • Microprocessor Based
    • Aluminum Tough Screen

    The AVS-20T is a light weight digital constant flow air sampler. We have taken the industry workhorse AVS-28A, and reduced the foot print, and weight while adding a totalizer.

    The heavier pumps used in traditional constant flow air samplers like the AVS-28A, HD-29A and HD-28A are far heavier than is necessary. The range of flow for those models is 20-100 LPM (0.5-3.5 CFM). The overwhelming majority of plants and REMP programs only sample at around half that flow rate. Meaning they are lugging around extra weight and capability that they are NOT using or need.

    The AVS-20T has also been outfitted with RADeCO’s new Aluminum Tough Screen. The Tough Screen operates like an IPAD or Iphone touch screen but is made of 1/4 thick aluminum and has no buttons or moving parts. The cycle life is over 100 million, making the controls essentially infinite for NPP applications.

    The AVT body can easily be swapped out for calibration with another AVT. The 2 x 16, 32 position LCD has been upgraded to a higher contrast and brighter color screen.

  2. Specifications

    Operational Range: Up to 999,999 cubic feet or 999,999 cubic meters

    Accuracy of Totalizer: +/- 5% FS

    Timer Circuit: Microprocessor-controlled crystal oscillator

    Operational Voltage: 95 to 135V, 50 to 60 Hz, 1 Phase, or 205—240V, 50 Hz, 1 Phase

    Chassis Dimensions: 15” x 10” x 10”

    Turbine Dimensions: 4” Long x 2” Diameter, with 18” Cable

    Total Weight: 22 Pounds

    Turbine Inlet: 1/4” NPT (Female Thread)

    Readout of Totalizer:

    LCD; Two lines 16 characters, backlit.
    Continuous display of cumulative volume + flow rate + elapsed time.
    Toggles between CFM and LPM


    ON/OFF Switch (circuit breaker)
    Keypad, 16 key controls function and calibration