Frequently Asked Questions

RADēCO tests EACH and EVERY batch of TEDA treated Carbon and Silver Zeolite that it manufactures with. We have always tested each batch the same way, each time. On TEDA carbon we test 1 to 7 CFM for CP-100/RL-100 and 1 to 5 CFM for CP-200/BG-300, 1 to 4 CFM for Silver Zeolite GY-130 Cartridges. Each batch of media tested is tested to the ASTM D-3803-1998 Sect 12 as a minimum! We tests each cartridge for an 18 hour prepurge and 168 hour prepurge as well as pressure drop for each flow rate.

Our competitors do either no testing, accept the carbon manufacturer’s testing (1 flow rate) or do a “historical” compilation of data. All of these are unacceptable to RADēCO’s standards. When you are called on to validate your collection efficiencies we’ll have the test results to give you the confidence you’ll need.

Yes, there is. RADēCO has done extensive testing to verify that our cartridges will last beyond 10 years from the date of manufacture. This is providing they are maintained in a controlled environment in the original packaging. If you have older cartridges that don’t have an expiration date on the label you can review your collection efficiency certificate and look at the date it is signed. That is the date of manufacture.

Starting 2004 RADēCO now provides an expiration date on the label of each cartridge label.

Possibly. First, RADēCO provides individually wrapped cartridges for a very minimal fee. When you order the cartridges just ask for them individually wrapped and you will not have this concern in the future. As for sleeved cartridges being opened. If the sleeve is sealed correctly after removing one of the cartridges there should be no problem. However, an air tight seal is paramount here as contaminants and/or moisture can enter the sleeve and effect performance of the cartridges.

Yes, after you recalibrate your grab sampler. Grab samplers are calibrated to a specific media. If you change that media the current calibration is void and should be repeated.

RADēCO maintains a Silver Zeolite return program. Simply return you old, expired cartridges to us and we will ensure safe disposal of this potentially harmful material. (No, we don’t reuse it.)

Review your owners manual. If you lost it simply email us for a new one. However, as a general rule. Continuous duty pumps such as the AVS-28A should have their carbon vanes and inlet/outlet filters changed annually. Grab samplers are little different. They should have the motor brushes changed every 500 hours of operation. This small expense and simple procedure can save you from an expensive motor replacement.

There are two main power differences and two main functional differences. First, you buy a DC (12 or 24VDC) Battery powered Air Sampler or an AC (120V 60hz/220/50Hz) Grab Samplers. AC always performs better due to blower construction.

Second, the H-809 series of grab samplers utilize a rotometer style for measuring air flow rate. While the H810 series of grab samplers utilizes a turbine assembly that is calibrated to your filter media. Also, the H810 has an onboard computer system that allows you to program your “target” volume of air to sample. It will run until this volume is reached then turn the unit off.

Absolutely. Air samplers manufactured at RADēCO are made at sea level with a temperature and pressure at 70 degrees Fahrenheit and 29.92” hg. Therefore, if your altitude is significantly higher (say 1000 feet or more) you need to correct for this condition. If RADēCO is aware of this before we calibrate we can compensate for the different altitudes and you will have no need to compensate.