RAD-X8 Drone

  1. General Details

    The RAD-X8 is specifically designed for remote sampling and surveys for emergency response or general use in hazardous locations.   The UAV platform can be fully customized and outfitted with your existing instrumentation (size and weight dependent).

    We also offer the RAD-X8-AB, that is a “ready to fly” variant for remote alpha/beta spectroscopy.  This is idea for decommissioning projects or response to a radiological dispersion device.   The RAD-X8-AB is outfitted with the TRU-DAC Pro on a tether line below UAV with a landing platform.   The CAM is networked with the UAV’s onboard communications to provide a single source display for both video transmission and sample data.

    Flight training is highly recommended and available.


    • Batteries
    • Battery Charger
    • Remote Controller
    • Receiver
    • Gimbal (optional)
    • Video Transmission System (optional)
  2. Specifications
    • Size (Motor to Motor): 1400mm
    • Frame Weight: 3600g (7.9lbs)
    • Landing Gear: T Type: 500mm
    • Landing Gear Weight: 1EA 245g (0.54lbs) (2EA for 1SET)
      • *Retractable L/G is increased 85g per each L/G
      • *L/G length and Diameter can be increased(When requested)
    • Center Plate Diameter: Basic : 430mm(2T) / Optional: 430mm(3T)
    • Motor (1EA): 100KV
      • Max Power : 1.22kW
      • Recommand Thrust : 3.7kg(8.1lbs)
      • Weight : 500g(1.1lbs)
    • Propeller (1EA): Size : 28″
      • optional : 26~29″
      • Material : Carbon
      • *Quick release can be possible
    • ESC: 80A
      • Con.Voltage : 12S LiPo
      • Signal frequency : upto 600Hz
      • Weight : 106g (0.23lbs)
    • Flight Controller: DJI A3
  3. Flight Parameters
    • MTOW (Maximum Take off Weight) : 32kg (61.7lbs)
    • Total UAV Weight (Excl. Battery) : 12kg (26.4lbs)
    • Battery : LiPo 12S(22000mAh~30000mAh)
    • Max Power Consumption :  9.82kW
    • Hover Power Consumption : 3.32kW (with 32kg (70.5lbs) MTOW)
    • Flight Time(Hover) : 30min (with 32kg (70.5lbs) MTOW)
    • Working Environment Temperature : From -10°C To 40°C (DEGREE)
  4. RAD-X8-AB

    LSX8-B ARF Build Package Includes:

    • 1 x X8 1400mm Super Frame (XQ-1400SP)
    • 8 x Motors
    • 8 x Propellers
    • 8 x ESCs
    • 1 x Battery Tray for up to 4 x 22,000mah
    • 1 x Extension Connector TrayT-Type Retractable Landing Gear
    • A2 Flight Controller
    • 4 x High Flux 3W LED’s
    • All Built, Configured, and Tested by a professional team of experts